Reflections with Seasons Changing

I love the changes of seasons and the blending from Summer into Autumn is a beautiful time as, here in the UK at least, it stays warm well into September and even October whilst changes begin to occur. This gives a lovely soft transition from one time to the next so it’s never a harsh push from Summer to Autumn, just a gentle reminder that nothing stays permanent and yet for good reason as life cycles round again.

During this time, I like to reflect and slow down even more to take a pause and notice where I’m at. Am I happy with how things are going or do I need to make changes? Asking questions can be very helpful as long as we’re not doubting our abilities to progress on our journey. You can ask questions without distrusting yourself. So asking at points for example, ” Is this the best path for my dream?” or “What is important for me to know today?” These are really helpful questions that can clarify what we are doing rather than making us wobble!

I love to reflect on my learnings over the last season, where I have grown, where I still wish to grow. It’s a lovely gift to give yourself the time and space to do this. I take myself off in nature with my notebook and sit and think. Remember all the wonderful things you see around you started out as thoughts or ideas and so this initial planning and reflection time is really vital in connecting your thoughts with your future.

Have fun with it though, don’t overthink and over analyse. There’s no guilt needed, you were doing your best at the time, even if you’ve since learnt a better way. So do it joyfully, appreciating the good that came from the past season and looking forward to all the good that’s here now and will continue to be here over the next season. Exciting times are ahead, I feel it, do you?

Have a wonderful week all,

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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