Intro to Walking Meditation

During the past year, many of us have turned to walking for our exercise and as an activity to give us a feeling of freedom. How much have we been paying attention on these walks though?

If you’re really honest, do you flow through your walk noticing all the sights and sounds around you or are constantly thinking about where you’ll be later or what’s happening tomorrow?

It takes practice to find the stillness of mind to be able to concentrate on what’s in our present surroundings and is a very worthwhile activity, benefiting our physical body by reducing stress, calming our breath and therefore also slowing down our mind.

Some of the reported benefits of walking meditation include;

Improved sleep, boost blood flow and help circulation, improve digestion, reduce anxiety and increase problem solving and creativity in the rest of your day!

Join me in my video below for an introduction into walking meditation and here are a few ways to get you started too…

Begin by setting an intention for the walk, perhaps to find more peace or increase kindness in your day.

Don’t worry if thoughts do come and distract you, just notice them and keep returning to the present and to your breath.

Turn your awareness to how you are feeling in each step, how the ground feels beneath your feet, how the air feels as you breath in and out slowly.

And observe what’s around you, taking in all the sights and sounds of the environment you’re in. Thoughts might continue to come, just keep breathing and walking, resting as you need to and with practice it will become easier.

Best wishes and Deep breaths,



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