Listen With Me

I usually invite you all to take a walk with me during my videos, yet today I’m going to ask you to sit and listen instead.

Listening without being distracted and observing the sounds around us provides a valuable path into the present moment and can offer us a safer way into meditation rather than forcing ourselves to be still and quiet.

Let’s have a go together now. Find a moment to sit where you won’t be disturbed. This doesn’t mean sit in silence or even in peace, there can be loud noises or hustle and bustle- but you yourself will be still.

Close your eyes if you feel able to or lower your gaze if not.

Loosen your jaw, untense your shoulders, breathe into your body and any other areas that feel tense.

Begin to notice sounds around you. Birdsong? Traffic? Neighbours? Passer’s by? Notice, observe and let them pass. Can you hear your own breathing? Notice it, don’t worry about it though.

Keep breathing as you feel comfortable. You may notice your breathing slow down? Or if there is loud noise it may quicken. Just note and see how it feels.

The key to this method is to let the sounds wash around you so you are not drawn in to them. You are able to remain still and calm whilst chaos is around you. You can be in the present moment even when others are not.

Let me know how you find this technique. Does it help you to stay present? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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