5 Ways to Live Slowly In a Busy Place

With the wonderful rise of the slow living movement, there are many misconceptions about it too. The idea that we can only be successful at it if we are fully immersed in slowness. Or the idea that it is only for people living in remote locations, by the sea, in the countryside, up a hard to reach mountain even!

I want to show you that this is absolutely not the case. We can all bring slowness to our lives in whatever degree feels right to us at the time. I personally still live in a town, by a road and have neighbours who are not the quietest (they’re great in many ways though so not complaining!) and yet I still feel the peace and simplicity that can come from living more slowly.

Today I’m going to offer 5 ways that have helped me on my process to grow into living more slowly.

Live At Your Own Pace: This is really important if it is to be a natural change and not feel forced. Have a think about what slow living means to you and just adapt to that thought. For some of us, it may mean finishing work a little earlier or having a bit more holiday time and for someone else it may mean never working an office job ever again. To bring slowness to our lives in a joyful way, we don’t want to turn it into another “should” and use will power. These changes rarely stick as they don’t come from within. Make alterations gradually and find what works for you.

Seek Out Slowness: Even in busy towns and cities, there are many areas of stillness. Libraries, museums, cosy cafes, animal sanctuaries, parks, places of worship- all of which can be often be found right in the centre of a city. Little havens offering refuge amongst the chaos. Even on busy streets there may be small things to focus on that offer a second of slowness. A fallen cherry blossom flower, a happy dog walking- spend time noticing all the interesting things you see. Find these pockets of peace and use them until you feel you can maintain a level of peacefulness in any situation. It takes time to build up to that, so seek out quieter places to recharge and rest.

Notice the small things in life

Do it Your Way: Look to others for inspiration yes, but takes those ideas and live them your way. Or otherwise, as mentioned, what you may have began as a life improvement, may turn into dread, as you think you are failing compared to others. There is no right or wrong way to do slow living, only how it feels to you. Only you know what will benefit you. Even my tips- take what feels right and leave what doesn’t!

Don’t Over Think It: Similarly to the last point, it needs to feel natural and not a great effort. If it feels like immense work, then that might be an indication this is not right or (ironically) you’re moving too fast with changes. Challenges are different, and yes there may be some of those. Learning to grow your own food or take less work on when you’ve always worked 40 hours a week may feel strange but aim to listen to those feelings and determine whether they just feel a bit odd because it’s a new experience or do they feel like a warning to pause and rethink the path you’re on. This is an exciting time and can be approached joyfully- you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself and the world by choosing a slower pace!

Remember Why You Started: Keep the reasons you want to live more slowly at the front of your mind. Is it to have more time with family, to live more presently, for health reasons? For me it’s so I have more time in nature, more space in my life to create and can be with my loved ones more. Find the reasons that make this way special to you and that will open the path to it as you’ll be doing for a true reason. Not to look trendy or to boast on social media, but for real reasons that will enhance your life!

There are magical places everywhere!

I hope these ways helped. I also made a vlog on this too so please take a look here and see the pretty places where I live and can find stillness…

Let me know if these touched you in anyway and if you have any tips to add also!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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