Ways to Regain Your Creativity

We are all born creative. I truly believe this. In our society, we are often only shown examples of musicians, artists or poets as being creative. All the other types of creating are ignored and not viewed as highly. This can change!

There are so many ways to express ourselves. So many!








Having children




The list is really limitless and the only ceiling to that is our imagination. Many things that are not thought of as being creative can be if we change the way we think about them. Evening cleaning which I had long considered the worst aspect of being a human on this Earth haha! Once I began to see it as a form of self-care, I could begin to enjoy it and become experimental. I started making my own cleaning products from natural ingredients and it feels much better now to clean my home the way I choose to instead of following what the shops tell me to make.

Three Ways to connect with your Creativity:

  1. Look at creations of the past. A short walk from my home, there is a carved Sun Goddess which is over one thousand years old. When I walk to her and view her, I imagine the process of the person making her. Were there practice sessions held elsewhere, was it made in fear or through joy? (I like to think joy) Was the carving widely celebrated in the community or was it a personal piece that the carver and their family did? All possibilities are valid, just as all of your creating is valid. You don’t have to share your work with anyone for it to exist in the world and be wonderful. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to paid (unless that is your goal to making a living from your creations of course). You do need to create for yourself though.
  2. Notice What’s Around You In order to create, we need inspiration and ideas of what we want to do. This can be found by spending time just observing and noticing what’s around you. Nature walks are wonderful for this and provide me with so much inspiration every single time I leave the house. In her seminal book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron is adamant that to create, we must first “Fill our own well” and I completely relate to this. Just as it’s hard to care for others from a place of empty energy, we cannot create either. We often think we’re not creative because we don’t give ourselves the gift of inspiration or allow ourselves to wonder or wander for that matter. Let yourself roam and see where it takes your mind to.
  3. Create! This seems obvious and yet so many people I know (myself included) wait for the “right” time to create. There is no right time. The only right time is when the feeling takes you and you feel the urge to do something. Whether that is baking at 2am or writing whilst on the beach, it may not be convenient and that’s ok. There is probably a reason why you are suddenly struck with the motivation to make or design or plan, so follow it and don’t question until you’ve completed what you felt you needed to. Conversely, don’t force yourself to sit down and make if you are really not feeling it. I always find this is counter productive and whilst sometimes it can lead to good work, I often find my time would have been better spent filling up my inspiration instead. This is just as valid and connected to creating as the actual act of production itself, just that in modern society we see this as frivolous “spare time” activities when no one allows themselves spare time. Don’t confuse productivity with creativity. Allow yourself to be joyful and merry and fill up your well as needed!

This is also what I talk about in this week’s video if you fancy taking a walk with me…!

Let me know if you feel more creative through trying these exercises. It took me a while to re-find my inner artist so please do not be harsh if you take small steps at a time. This is wonderful and still in the right direction. You WILL get to where you want to be and to the level of creating that is natural to you.

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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