One Small Step into Simple Living

Building a more simple life can seem daunting at first. To avoid overwhelming ourselves, it’s important to take things one step at a time. The other thing to remember is that we can bring simplicity into our lives whatever they may look like now. We don’t need to completely overhaul everything in one go. This may work for some, but many of us need to ease into things a little more slowly.

I am not busy and glad to say so!

This week’s vlog takes us through the first step I found into simplifying my life.

I found that just by examining my list of “shoulds” and crossing off the ones that didn’t really matter, I opened up so much more space in my life. More space to create, more space to focus on things I love doing. More space for thinking.

This simple step enabled me to open up to more possibilities and discover that I could make time when I wanted to instead of just submitting to societal pressures of being constantly busy. I openly admit that I’m not busy and I’m pleased to say it! That doesn’t mean I’m lazy or not using my time wisely. I’m just not busy in the sense of the word that most people mean- having their time commandeered for reasons other than they would choose to in their dream life.

Making Time to be with Trees

I’m not busy yet I’m still creating. I’m not busy yet I still help out and volunteer in my community. I’m not busy yet I still work. Let’s take back our lives and craft our existence here as we would in our dreams. This is your dream and you can make it how you like.

Let me know what you think on this and if you take this step to more simplicity!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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