How to Love Where You Live Now (Includes Vlog)

My dream is to live more closely with nature. In an old cottage or cabin surrounded by green and not too far from the beach either. I’m working on making this vision a reality but that doesn’t stop me from loving where I live now.

The area where I live is a large estate that definitely has issues. I still love where we are now though as I can appreciate the positive aspects- the nature reserve that is only a five minute walk away, the grass verges that house hundreds of daffodils each year, the great outreach work being done to engage with people, the sunset from my window…I have a very long list!

I haven’t always been able to think like this though so I understand how tricky it can be to change our mindset. For years if I was ever in a situation that felt untenable, I would wriggle and writhe against it until eventually I prised myself out of it, all in struggle, all in pain. I no longer live this way or believe we have to struggle to grow.

I learnt the long way how to focus on the positives and that’s why I love sharing how I see the world and all the beauty she has to offer. So that people don’t have to spend years struggling, anyone of any age can begin to look at things differently

This week’s vlog is on Loving Where you Live Now, Please take a look 🙂

Ways to Love Where you Live Now…

  1. Notice the small things: Ok, you may not feel you are surrounded by much beauty but maybe there are some hidden gems. Is there a random patch of wildflowers that always comes back even though not much else grows? Or maybe you have a really friendly post deliverer? I bet there will be several small things that are loveable where you live, even if you can’t find large ones.
  2. Continue to dream and plan: Even if you feel stuck, keep sight of your dreams. Try painting or collaging a vision of your future that you would adore to have. By focusing on what your goal is, you’ll keep hope. Don’t do this to the detriment of your now though as the goal is to love where we live even with issues. We can do this even when we are dreaming of being somewhere different as we can see that we are where we need to be right now and that the future is being worked on.
  3. Bring the Essence of those plans into your present: By marrying your future dreams with your present moment, this does two things. It makes your current life happier and more liveable as you can start to feel more in tune with the vision you want. And secondly, it brings that vision to you faster as it becomes more realistic. For me, wanting to live more closely to nature means I go for nature walks every day and tend carefully to my little garden. Bringing nature to me, until I can immerse fully in her. Other examples might include finding adventure and history in your own area until you can travel, perhaps cooking delicious Italian food each week if you want to move to Italy. These might sound silly at first but bringing the condensed essence of your wishes to you really improves your wellbeing and happiness.
  4. Ask How You Can Help: The area that I live definitely has some issues but the biggest issue is the apathy among people who complain rather than change. I understand this is not in everyone’s path. That’s ok, but maybe it is in yours. Pick up litter if it dismays you, even smiling at your neighbours can increase community spirit. Breathe through annoyances and make positive changes. Can you get involved in your local community centre? Can you look out for elderly neighbours? Can you clean outside your home as an example to lead others? There are many ways we can make tiny changes that can lead to us loving where we live. I always feel more positive after a litter pick or after chatting with my neighbours

I really hope you enjoyed these tips and this week’s vlog. If you can please share and subscribe to my channel and/ or blog so I can grow it and continue creating! Have a wonderful week all!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths



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