How to Bring Nature into Your Home Now

I adore spending time in the woods, at the beach or in other green spaces. I also really love being at home with my wonderland of musical instruments, books and being creative. So how do we link the two so we feel more balanced?

There are many ways to bring nature into your home, even if you have a small space and no garden. I have lived in flat with no outside areas and the home I currently inhabit doesn’t have a huge country garden yet I make the most of it and I think that is the key when beginning to simply your life from where you are. It might not be the ideal you dream of, yet it will be the first steps to that ideal. If we see getting started as part of the dream and not still a long way off then this can change our mindset in a very powerful way.

I am always happiest outside in nature

Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home Now:

  1. House Plants. This seems an obvious one and yet so many people I know who love being outdoors rarely bring that sense of peace inside with them. House plants are beautiful companions for us. They are little beings to talk and sing to if we want a chat (yes I sing to my plants, it definitely helps them grow) and they provide such joy as they grow and live under our care.
  2. Natural Fibres. Cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo are lovely fabrics and are more eco-friendly than synthetic ones (there are exceptions to this depending on production). I’m vegan so although wool and other animal sourced fibres are natural, I choose not to use them due to how they are procured. I do believe they belong to the animal and then the Earth, not us and there are many lovely natural non-animal fibres and materials to work with. The other bonus is that due to the cellulose in plant based fibres, they are naturally strong and so more durable. This means you will need to replace clothes, bags and other items less often than cheap plastic based ones- another win for the environment and our purses!
  3. Colours. Be inspired by the palettes of nature, from forest greens, to azure oceans. Of course nature has many, many colours to choose from when we include all the different flower and animal colours, to create a theme though perhaps pick a place in nature you love and recreate that with colour choices to bring a feeling of peacefulness and calm. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, I prefer to leave it as close to the natural wood as possible. I do thin that upcycled pieces look wonderful and I have a couple myself, but if the original wood is already beautiful then nature has perfected the piece herself! I would add that it’s important to buy wooden pieces second hand or at least from sources you can trust to have sourced the wood sustainably.
  4. Artwork Looking at pictures of natural scenes can boost our wellbeing immensely, especially if for whatever reason we can’t reach more expansive places. Paintings, photographs, collages- all work to bring to beauty into our home. Why not extend this further and make your own nature collage of places you love or would be in your dreams to visit.
  5. Fresh Food. The food we bring into our homes has an effect on our connection with nature I feel. If we mostly eat from plastic bags and tins, then I do feel this is removing ourselves from a more immediate relationship with the Earth. That is not to say that I don’t use tinned and jarred foods- of course they are great for stocking up. I do feel that a range of fresh fruit and veg is a colourful addition to both our homes and bodies that shows we are still linked closely with nature who provides this abundance of food. Again, I’m not judging but bringing meat into our home also brings violence and a disconnect with nature as farming methods are ruthless and not in alignment with a slow, simpler existence at all. It is for us all to choose how we live, but think carefully as those choices have effects on our bodies, psyche, and environment.
My latest vlog shows one way of bringing nature into our home

I hope these tips gave you some ideas- I’m sure there are many other ways we can build nature into our living spaces. If you know any please let me know with a comment and we can share with each other!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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