Finding Your Sacred Space

I always thought my most beloved Sacred Space was with trees, where my feet walk on soft earth, where I see greenery and all the wonders of nature. Where me and my family can feel the clean air, the sounds of birds and other animals rustling. Or I would have said it might be the ocean waves that I grew up next to. It turns out there may be an even deeper place that holds more value for us.

On this week’s visit to my favourite forest cove, words flowed from me that told me otherwise. The words told me that my Sacred Space is actually found within. That even all I hold dear from nature is there too.

In my opening Sacred Space!

It was a beautiful revelation and something I did already intellectually know. I’ve been exploring ideas of consciousness for a few years and even so, this felt like a fresh new concept to me! As if I hadn’t fully trusted it before and now I truly feel it.

I think I was able to open to this, as the nature offered me an opening Sacred Space. A way through. Just as the wardrobe offered the Pevensie children in the Chronicles of Narnia. I was so happy and relaxed in this opening space that I could connect to a greater source and receive the message given.

Here are the words that spoke to me this week;

I step into my Sacred Space,
The place where birdsong lives.
I step into my Sacred Space,
Where all my heart forgives.

I step into my Sacred Space,
For solitude and peace.
I step into my Sacred Space,
To walk among the trees.

I step into my Sacred Space,
To find the words I need.
I step into my Sacred Space,
To know where my path leads

Just where is this sacred space,
That you can find me in?
If you can believe, then you have one too,
You can find this place within.

Maybe our inner sacred space is like Narnia. It exists but we need to find that magical wardrobe way in. Or perhaps it’s not that complicated at all and we over think it. Perhaps all we need to do is have a chat with ourselves and ask to enter. Try for yourself and see how you find the connection. At the least you will have given yourself some quiet space.

Find your space to open up to and who knows where you will adventure to within!!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,




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