Breathing Intentions for Stillness

As promised in my last piece, here is a post with breathing intentions to guide us into stillness. We talked about being rather than doing and how we rarely have the chance to just be. Give yourself that time this week. Just start with a few moments of this breathing way and see how you feel for it.

If you’re struggling to find time alone, you can still do this. That’s what I love about the intentions, they can be done in busy places, with other people around and even while on the move. Nature often finds stillness whilst still in motion and that’s a beautiful concept. Birds hovering, calm lakes with undercurrents, there is always movement. Even when we are completely still, our heart is in motion, keeping our vitality.

No need for complicated breathing patterns either, just inhale and exhale, in, out and breathe yourself gently into your own version of stillness.

Breathing into Stillness

Breathe in… Being

Breathe out… Doing

Breathe in… Just you, as you are.

Breathe out…What you think you should be doing.

Breathe in…Stillness

Breathe out…To do lists.

As always, the more you can personalise the intentions, the more power they will have for you.

Find Your Own Version of Stillness, nature finds it often still in motion.
Photo by Maria Orlova on

I’ve had extra help with switching off this week as I’ve been following The Artist’s Way course and this week has been a week of no media consumption! I’ll let you know more about this wonderful book, how I’ve gotten on with this in my next post and the ways it can help you too.

Let me know how you get on with breathing into your own stillness!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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