Being and Somethingness

Why are we so afraid of stillness? Why do we fill our time with whatever we can find- endless searches on the internet, daily streaming of TV, background noise, fear filled newspapers…our minds never get a break to just be.

I am genuinely curious as to why this is.

I think we associate being still with laziness when this is not truthful. There can be a whole world being imagined in the person who is sitting still. A fantastic world which may then go on to become a meaningful song or be translated through an artist’s brush. If our minds are constantly occupied though, how we will ever get to those higher states of creativity? If we are constantly running other people’s ideas through our head and not contemplating our own, what is going unnoticed? If we are buried in our phones, what day to day inspiring moments are we losing? I do not want to miss any and I don’t wish that for you either.

Let’s find and reclaim our right to be still. Our innate joy of being and not always doing. That’s where we’ll find our true loves in life, what we truly want to follow. It’s where the magic is and where our deeper selves lie.

It might take some time to find the stillness comfortable yet when you do it may even be comforting and something you actively seek. I know it is that way for me now. It wasn’t always though, I realised even though I spent a lot of time alone, I was never truly alone with just me and my thoughts. It was only when I began to slow down and became aware that I would never be able to write my own songs if I didn’t have the space in my mind to let them flow through me!

Of course, many of those offering are valuable. In moderation, in balance, in limited quantities. I find lots of inspiration in others’ work- from books, interviews and I love watching TV too. I’m just going to make an effort to consume these things mindfully from now on.

Find stillness and find magic in the small things
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Here’s a poem I’ve written this week about the value of being still…

Being and Somethingness 
Sometimes, doing nothing 
Is a very valuable something. 
The twists and turns imagination can make, 
When it seems to the world that you’re barely awake. 
Sometimes, doing nothing 
Is a very beautiful something. 
A space to breathe, a time to dream, 
Not every day needs the pace of full steam.  
Sometimes, doing nothing 
Is a very caring something. 
A gift to ourselves, to let ourselves be, 
And that’s when we can feel fully free. 
Bexi Owen 

Stillness can still be with a smile and a brew!

The first step is to let go of your ideas of what doing “nothing” is. It is not lazy on one end of the spectrum or advanced meditative states. There is an in between that is beautiful and will enhance your life and creativity if you open to it.

I’ll follow this post up with one on breathing intentions to help us find our stillness next week. Have a go with your own too and do let me know how you find slowing down and being with yourself!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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