Turn Blue Monday into YOU Monday!

With today being labelled as Blue Monday, the apparently saddest day of the year I wanted to dispel some myths around it and also offer a nice practice in case you are feeling a little low. The most interesting fact about Blue Monday is that it was so named by a travel company who wanted to boost sales of their summer holidays by giving people a reason to book a holiday to lift them on you guessed it- the saddest day of the year! I won’t give extra publicity to them here as I think it’s a pretty unethical way of doing business but you can read about the origins of the story here.

Now you know it’s a made up concept, you have the power to disbelieve it. I was in two minds whether to write this even as I didn’t want to give more focus to the term but I also know many people still believe so it so I decided to offer a bit of info sharing and a way to build resilience too with a breathing intention made specifically for today.

Of course if you want to book plans to have something to look forward to, I’m not saying don’t do that. Make sure that your actions are inspired and motivated by your own interests though and not nudged by false research claims as this travel company did.

So turn blue Monday into YOU Monday! Use it to have a good think about the things that would actually make you feel better. Maybe eating a bit healthier, changing your work so life is more balanced or yes, even booking that holiday. As long as it’s your decision and aligns with your vision for your life, go for it!

Listen to your own wants and needs, not what companies tell you!
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I created a really nice breathing intention to work on Blue Monday. Instead of keeping the feeling of dreariness with you, as you inhale imagine your most favourite colour, the colour that brings you so much happiness every time you see it or wear it. Pick that colour as your inhalation intention and then release anything you don’t want. That can indeed be a colour or it can be a feeling or event.

I breathe (happy colour, calming pastel, bright, bold, brave sunshine colour etc)

I breathe out (grey dullness, feeling low, not feeling motivated etc)

I have some exciting news to reveal too soon about my next plans for this blog and associated projects- all breathing and wellbeing related!

Best wishes and deep breaths,



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