Taking Things Slow…

Slow living is a recognised movement now which is a wonderful achievement in our busy world. What does this actually mean day to day? Instagram worthy photos associated with slow living can make it seem just as unattainable as being top of a corporate business, yet it truly is the simplest and more caring thing we can offer ourselves and the World. Those photos are often just an idealised version, as most things are on social media so please do not get the idea that simple living is difficult to aspire to. It’s absolutely does not have to be and it starts within you!

Even if we feel we are at the beginning of our goal for a simpler life, there are many ways to incorporate this way of living into your day to day activities. Just by wondering about how you can live less complex and more sustainable life, you are onto a great start!

Start small and erm, slowly!
Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

Here’s my thoughts on how we can begin to live more simply and joyfully;

Breathe into it

Peace and simplicity in our outer life begins with creating it inside. Make time to physically slow down once a day, even for five minutes and notice where you are at. How is your breath feeling? Hurried or anxious, or calm and happy? This is a wonderful, caring beginning to any slower way of living.

Give into it

By this, I mean literally give! Slow living is a great way to align with a less consumerist way to live as we become more mindful about the objects we surround ourselves with and our impact on the planet. Have a look around your living space, anything you feel you don’t use or doesn’t make you happy- give away to someone else. This will clear your mind and also give you less work to do cleaning up. You don’t have to dust as much if there aren’t thousands of things collecting it! Now, slow living doesn’t have to mean minimalist- not at all. However, I find with less things, there is more room for favourite things. So instead of ten standard cups, one cup that you adore drinking a hot tea from is such a lovely thing.

Feel into it

How does living more slowly feel? Not everyone is actually attracted to the idea. The important thing is to not make this way of life another “should” as we’ve discussed before here. For it to work, it has to be something you love the idea of, that the feeling of a more simple life calls to you. Remember that it’s a joyful way to be and there is no right or wrong way. One of my favourite sayings is “Don’t Let Perfect Become the Enemy of Good” and I think that applies really well here. It’s not an all or nothing way to be. If you enjoy it, you can gradually decrease your pace of living, and this may happen naturally as you won’t overthink it if you feel into it instead.

You’ll notice more of the beauty that surrounds us!

Let me know how you get on with these first steps and I’ll share more soon!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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