Little Changes can add up to Big Revolutions!

One of the best thoughts about sustainable living that I’ve heard is that we don’t need a few people doing perfect zero waste, but everyone to follow it imperfectly. Obviously in an ideal world it would be everyone following it exactly, the world we are currently in is not particularly set up for full zero waste living but if we all do our best that will make a massive improvement.

This means that each of us must look at our own lives and what we can change in our everyday world. For me, that means looking at how I make music sustainably. I’m researching this more and will do a full blog post on that soon. Of course, for all of us it means how we source our food, how we travel, how we find entertainment. One aspect of potential change I’ve noticed is through choosing where we spend more of our time.

With world events, we all are making changes to our everyday routines and practices anyway so we may as well consider the environmental impact at the same time. Being outside more is one adaptation suggested to help make people feel safer and I truly think it is our way forward. I fully believe that adapting to more time outdoors will benefit communities greatly in that there will be more exercise taken, more light is good for us and it also means less time indoors using up electric and gas resources. Being outside more reduces screen time in children and increases our connection with nature.

Outside is the way forward!

Even now as we approach Winter in the Uk, with small adjustments we can still enjoy the outdoors for a means of social activity. Blankets, more layers, more active ways of meeting, such as walks, litter picks, exercise classes held outside- so many possibilities if we use our imaginations!

I’ll see you outside!

Best Wishes,


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