Where Are We Going?

It seems we are a collection of lost souls at the moment. Everyone I meet is wandering around unsure of what is happening day to day, trying their best to stabilise themselves in the rocky storm that we’ve been travelling through since March. To know where we’re going, let’s first look at where we’ve been…

It’s been a long journey so far.

It’s been beautiful at many points- the clarity of birdsong, the togetherness felt, the food made available to those struggling- all incredible displays of humanity.

We can’t ignore the other side too- the fear, the panic, the judgement. These are all lessons to learn from the last six months. Some had more time at home, others increased their time away from home, worked more hours than ever before. Both perhaps lost or gained balance by doing so.

So what can we learn from this to know where we are going next? Surely a pandemic like this would show us the meaning of life, that we need to follow what we love, to find balance in our lives? Yet more than ever many of us are feeling drained, anxious and wanting to press pause on everything.

Here are a few things I’ve learnt reflecting on the past six months…

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Taking time to go inwards is a wonderful way to find out what it is you need right now. Follow how you feel and if you are feeling like committing to less activities then listen to yourself and say no to things. Just be aware if you are saying no to everything and that’s not usually like you, as it could be a sign you need some support.

Do What You Love

The best way to find motivation again is to follow what you love. Whatever you are passionate about is what you are here on Earth for so bring it into your everyday life wherever you can. It might be a particular activity such as music or supporting a cause like working with people living with Dementia to ease their lives…whatever it means to you, do it!

Stop the Struggle

I once heard a voice whisper to me that, “Life is only a struggle if you make it so” and while it’s of course a simple saying, I found it incredibly liberating. I realised it truly was my perspective that was the cause of my struggles. Now, I’m not discounting people’s experiences and traumas- of course these things will impact people hugely. Day to day though, we can re-train our minds to look at things differently. See opportunity where we once saw adversity. See new friends when we once saw strangers not worth knowing. See new life where we’ve only been seeing the demise of it!

All of these reflections will mean different things to each of you so please take them and make them your own, add to them and pass onwards so we can begin to heal, move forward and discover what’s next for all of our journeys.

Best Wishes,



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