Hello Again, Again!

Hello and welcome- again! If you’ve been here with me before then thank you for returning, I know it’s been a while. If you’re a new friend then I’m so glad to have you join us here.

The reason for my break has been that I’ve been directing all my creative energies into my songwriting. Now I’m becoming more confident with my guitar and songwriting, I feel able to do both so I’m really happy to be back sharing my thoughts with you all.

I’m sure much as changed for you, just as it has for me, and indeed the world this year. What a time! A time of fear and also huge joy- nature being given a moment to breathe and many of us seeing we can drastically change our lives and live more simply.

My first few blogs back will focus on these changes and how we can keep what we like about this time and return to anything we feel we have lost. There is a way to do both!

I’m going to be focusing a lot on the things I love- nature, music, protecting our beautiful Earth and connecting the people and creatures who call her Home. It won’t be a lifestyle blog, there are many, many people doing an excellent job of that. It will be my thoughts, adventures and my own attempt to live more simply and navigate this strange time in the most joyful way possible!

For now, I’ll share a few photos of what I’ve been up to for the past 18 months, please share yours or your stories with me too in the comments or find me on my Facebook page or Twitter to connect there!


Lots of nature exploring…
…I mean A LOT of nature exploring!…
and of course the lockdown essential of (vegan) Banana Bread!

Best wishes,

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