I talk a lot about how much music and sound can help us and so you may have seen or read similar from me before. We can all use a refresher on certain things from time to time though haha so you might as well read it again ūüėČ

I run several community music projects and the changes I see in people who join us is wonderful!


The benefits of music and sound therapies and activities are immense. Many studies have shown improvement in;  

  • ¬†Asthma¬†¬†
  • COPD¬†¬†
  • Memory function
  • Depression¬†¬†
  • Blood¬†Pressure¬†¬†
  • Boost our immune systems¬†
  • Reduce pain¬†
  • Reduce stress and anxiety¬†


Singing helps by improving lung function and capacity. Listening can slow our heart rate so we feel less anxious. Sound therapies using specific tonal frequencies work by engaging the brain waves in such a way that they can put us in a sort of hypnotic trance that potentially aids healing.   


I do truly believe that music, especially in a communal setting can help so much. 

I’ve seen how music can alter moods and bring people together. People who ordinarily sit in silence will start interacting, maybe even singing along it’s just so beautiful to see.¬†¬†

This engagement can lift our mental health so much and it’s definitely this community spirit that needs to be focused more on. Today’s society encourages us so much to be individualistic. Solitude and time on our own¬†is¬†valuable to recharge and re-energise¬†but being disconnected from our communities is where things start to go wrong. We must keep our local connections to feel a part of the world. Get involved- if you have elderly¬†neighbours, check if they’re ok or want a chat. If there’s a local school fair, see if they need a hand setting up. Animals, contact a rescue and join them!¬†We all have valuable skills that we can put to use to make the world better.

Mind on Music Three ways

I wanted to do this “refresher” blog as I’ll be sharing some individual stories with you over the next few months and showing a more personal side to how music can help. So with this little overview you can see the possibilities on an abstract scale and hopefully I can take you on a more human journey with what magical things music do!


Best Wishes,



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