Filling in…

I return after another extended break from my writing here!

It’s been a beautiful year so far, lots of travelling with Mind on Music, some wonderful, gigs and much sharing of our messages! What will follow will be a very self indulgent post haha as I reflect on what I’ve been up to since I last wrote to you all. Just look at the pics if you don’t fancy the read!

I’ve still been writing a fair bit, just had a break from the blog as it was a challenge fitting everything in but I’m ready to share again and looking forward to it!

Here are some photos from the last few months to show what I’ve been up to…


Set up a monthly Pop up Tea Party for people living with dementia!
bexibetty2 (1)
Delivered lots of Dementia Friends Sessions!
bexitimgoa2 (1)
Travelled to India!

I’ve been so lucky that this year has been wonderful so far (tw). The travel challenge has still been that- a challenge- but I wanted it to be and I’ve been learning so much. I’ll post about that properly soon. I’ve made lots more space this year for learning and have been on several courses, workshops and have been studying at home for an online course in Song Therapy and also have been learning piano and guitar at home!

I think reflecting and writing down what we’ve been doing is a nice way of seeing how much we’ve grown as sometimes living day to day we become impatient. I was actually feeling a little down this weekend, that growth is not happening fast enough but when I see how I was this time last year, I can see a big difference in my attitude and in my understanding.

Setting up the pop up tearoom has been a big change, as I’ve loved being involved with others’ events but I’ve wanted to contribute more personally for a long while so I feel much more connected in doing so and I hope it will be the start of several projects that I set up myself through Mind on Music.

Two months ago, my partner Tim and I travelled to India which was a dream of mine for many years! I’m so glad we went and I have future posts to speak more about our time there so I won’t say much now other than, again, I learnt many lessons whilst there!

Great, now we’re caught up on my side, let me know what you’ve been up to and then I’ll get back to posting regularly again 🙂


Best Wishes,



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