Everything at the Right Time!

Hi all!

Writing this during the second month of my year long tour to share the benefits of music and sound and raise awareness of chronic illness.

I’m travelling the North East this month and so far it’s really smooth (touch wood) lovely nice hospitals and a few lively community groups which have been a lot of fun! These few months have really opened my eyes to how much control I wanted over life and I’m learning to let that go now.

dreamstimefree_6170074 - Copy.jpg

Everything will happen at the right time when we’ve set things in motion. Earlier on in the tour, I was emailing and emailing places, ringing round and chasing myself in circles most of the time. It was no one’s fault- people have a lot to do and my emails probably just slipped through.

But then, slowly, replies started coming back and they were from great places that I was excited to work with- community groups and hospitals.

Things that are right for us can’t be forced and the right path won’t show itself at the wrong time because that would be a big chaotic mess! This is indeed why people who “should” be happy aren’t- they think they have the right ingredients- money, success, power but they took their cake out of the oven before it was ready, So they’re left with an underbaked life that needs more time to mature before they see the full picture!

So let things flow, of course put things out there and make plans, ideas but don’t worry about time frames and goals too much. This has been one of my lessons this year anyway!

I’ll do a more full update when we reach the end of this stage but wanted to pop by and say hello as it’s been a while!

I’m looking forward to a bit more time to write and share some ideas I’ve been thinking about with you all and I’ll be doing that very soon!

Best wishes,


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