Thank you all for joining me here, whether you’ve followed me over from my music page or just stumbled across me on your internet musings, I’m so happy you found your way here! I’ll follow up with a proper introduction for those who don’t know me but for now here’s a little introduction…

About me and my new blog!

My name is Bexi, and I’m a UK based singer. I’ve started blogs in the past but I didn’t stick with them and it took me a while to understand why but now I know. I was writing about things that I didn’t find interesting, so why should anyone else! Or I was just replicating what I posted on social media, so things like where I’d sung that week, which was nice to keep a record of but is hardly very helpful to anyone’s life is it? This is why I’m so excited about this blog as I have very good feelings about it and always trust my inner feelings! The topics I’ll be covering will expand on what I’ve been posting about on FB for a while and will include;






These are things I hadn’t felt comfortable discussing on my previous blogs and I think it’s because I had made them too specific, stating it was only a blog about my performing for example when all of us are so much more than our jobs.

Why ‘Best Wishes, Bexi’?

I’ve signed off my letters and emails using this since I was younger really without thinking but one day I stopped and thought I do genuinely want to send my best thoughts to those I’m speaking with and now I consciously sign off with it and mean it! I thought it was the perfect name for my new interactions with you all!

So please know when I sign off my posts, I really DO wish you the best for your life and everyone you connect with!

Best Wishes,



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